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Update on Smile for Hope COVID-19 Response in Lapsiphedi, Nepal


Who could have imagined that the world would still be gripped by the international pandemic of COVID-19. While many areas are slowly reopening and seeing some normalcy return to daily life, it is going to take time and patience for things to get back to any semblance of our lives as they started 2020.


To that effect, Smile for Hope has continued our support and work, started over five years ago, with the residents of Lapsiphedi, Nepal.  Last December you may recall that we held a three-day seminar to help change the way women, girls, men and boys across Nepal see and address the natural and healthy process of menstruation. It was a great success and we look forward to returning to this important program once it is possible.


Through our relationship and commitment to this hard-hit area of Nepal, local officials approached Smile for Hope Nepal president Sonam Sherpa for urgent assistance with the establishment of an emergency birthing center to help with local pregnancies.  Because of this direct request we are going to turn our focus towards helping their immediate needs. As you can imagine, the Nepalese health care system is under tremendous strain in dealing new health issues, but in addition because of lock down and travel restrictions it is harder for expecting mothers to travel to hospitals for childbirth.

Your dollars go a long way in Nepal. Even with a small donation, we will be able to purchase medical supplies and hire a trained healthcare worker for the establishment of an emergency birthing center in Lapsiphedi, Nepal so mothers and their newborns can make it safely through the lockdown. 


The need for support in the communities Smile for Hope serves has not slowed - and we need to ramp up our efforts from home. Like you, Smile for Hope is committed to making the best of the situation.


Here are some of the supplies we are working to secure in Nepal every day.  Please donate today so we can help our staff on the ground provide valuable resources to those most in need until we pull through this worldwide crisis.

COVID-19 PROJECT (Emergency Birthing Center)


Location:  Nepal
Target Area: Lapsephedi
Duration of Project: 1 year

Cost: 1 health assistant for full time work.- 25,000 RS @121= $206 US per month

All materials approximate cost will be 2,75,000Rs @121 = $2300 US

Medical Supplies: basic medical supplies needed for proper childbirth 
How Distributed: A trained healthcare provider will be hired to maintain medical supplies and help with deliveries in the local community.
Why the Need?:  At Lapsephedi, Kathmandu, Nepal. The local officials have requested our help in the establishment of an emergency birthing center to provide services for expecting mothers unable to travel because of restrictions due to COVID-19.


COVID-19 PROJECT (Emergency Food Distribution)


Location:  Nepal

Target: 500 low income families surrounding Kathmandu city.

Duration of Project: As many times as resources permit.

Food Items: A package (rice, cooking oil, salt, dal) for 1 family - 20kg pack rice, 2 kg dal, 1 lit cooking oil and 1 kg salt.

Why the need?:  Because of the lockdown and political circumstances, average workers are unable to work and secure an income to purchase food for their families. This will continue until the lockdown is lifted.

Thank you for your belief, support and commitment to our efforts. Without your help we couldn’t conduct projects like this which are so central to our goal of Spreading Hope, One Smile at a Time.


Thank you from the Smile for Hope team.

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