Atul Memorial Gurukul Project

“Preserving and Promoting Cultural Diversity Through Music, Yoga and Meditation Along with Quality Education to Generate more Responsible Citizens for the Development of Nation”


The prime motive of Atul Memorial Gurukul, established in 2013, is to provide children with knowledge in classic Nepalese music, spiritualism, yoga culture along with modern education and make them happier, healthier, well rounded and good citizens of Nepal. Atul Memorial Gurukul also strives to turn dreams of renowned Nepali Tabala player late Atul Prasad Gautam into a reality. He believed that music and spiritualism can drive our society to the path of peace and development.



  • Apart from regular school education, they provide children with music, meditation and yoga classes to become better and competitive citizen.

  • Collaborate with like minded agencies and international organizations to study, research and promote classical music, meditation across the nation and at international level.

  • Organize different workshops, discussions and conference to preserve unique cultural, musical and dance  heritages of Nepali society.

  • Reward and recognize those people who significantly contributed to preserve and promote Nepali classical music, dance and culture.

  • Encourage through scholarship to the vulnerable children who wants to build career in classical music, dance and yoga


Toiling towards generating more versatile and more responsible citizen is everyone’s responsibility.  With Atul Memorial Gurukul, we want to create a bright future which demands that children are not excluded from access quality education and the best environment to nurture them on true Nepali culture, arts, music because of their family status. 


At the moment Atul Memorial Gurukul is exploring some regular funding to sustain our initiative for long run and secure the future of children who are at our organization.


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On this vital initiative, we request for your participation through contributions. Your generosity is aimed at providing children access to this opportunity for a long term. Further we wish to grow in size of organization to support as many children as we can. 

Some Performance by Gurukul children:


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