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Spreading Hope

One Smile at a Time

We focus on young people who are overlooked
and empower them with tools to succeed

Uniting Humanity

Our Projects

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“I want to give a voice to those who struggle to be heard by speaking out and standing up for what’s right”

- Zeina Abdo

Smile for Hope USA

With a united humanity at the core of our belief, S4H is driven by doing our part in creating and delivering social and human initiatives based on expressed needs.

We are the voice for those young people who have slid through the cracks of society, those who are unheard or ignored. We hear beyond the obvious and go where others don’t. We dare to disrupt by addressing topics that society tends to avoid because of shaming, lack of interest or lack of resources.

By working hand in hand with individuals and communities, we become bridges and facilitators, serving and guiding causes towards a sustainable and empowered outcome.